Losses after losses… after losses! Here's how this experienced UK trader bounced back from losing trades!

This I feel lately

A good, interesting read.

Love the book recommendation.
I laughed at the short trades, cause i am actually great at short trades, and not so good on long ones. :joy:

Yes, I just find it difficult switching my brain from long to short - it’s not that short trades are bad in anyway - I just know my weaknesses after so long

I like that on this forum traders write about own such a small details, giving us to know themselves first as an individuals, and then as a traders. So, I’m really shocked that someone will wake up at 4.00 am or 5.00 am for a free will. But anyway, I wish you good luck in trading. Thank you for sharing your experience and little tips with us.

Lol - I live in Thailand where it’s really nice waking up before the sun starts beating down. The food markets are buzzing at that time

Also I like to be up as the US markets are just closing so I can move any stop orders I might have.