Lot sizes

Can someone explain these to me. lol
How much money goes into each lot, how much are you risking with the diffrent sizes?

Read here please


Nobody seemed to have an answer for this, perhaps I worded it worng. But incase someone else was wondering I thought I would put what I found…

Standard lot:
1 lot is $100,000.00
2 lots is $200,000.00
3 lots is $300,000.00

Mini Lot: is 1/10 of a standard lot
1 lot is $10,000.00
2 lots is $20,000.00
3 lots is $30,00.00

Micro Lot: is 1/100 of a standard lot
1 Lot is $1,000.00
2 Lots is $2,000.00
3 Lots is $3,000.00

And Lot profits:
1 standard lot:
1 pip = $10.00

1 mini lot:
1 pip = $1.00

1 micro lot:
1 pip = .10

Good, thats what it was mentioned in the reply to the other poster…

Quick clarification.

Standard lot: 100,000 units
Mini Lot: is 1/10 of a standard lot = 10,000 units
Micro Lot: is 1/100 of a standard lot = 1,000 units

Notice that I did not use the “$”. The trade size is denominated in the base pair. For example, a full lot of EUR/USD would be 100,000 EUR. At current rates that’s about $136,000.

In terms of pip values, for the non-USD based pairs (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, etc). the values are fixed as noted. For USD based pairs (USD/JPY, USD/CHF, etc.) pip values are variable.

WAs the $ sign wrong? Is it pips then instead of dollars??

The units of a lot are defined by the currency pair in question.

If you were to say a lot of USD/JPY, then that would be $100,000 because the USD is the base currency of the pair.

If, however, you are talking about a lot of EUR/USD, then your trade is 100,000 EUR. At an exchange rate of 1.36 that equals $136,000.

Your margin requirement is based on the value of your position in $ terms (assuming a USD demoninated account).