Lower time rfamas to higher time frames

Hi guys! Im currently using 4hours, 1 hour and 15 minutes time frames for my tradings, then i have realised that i like big profits and dont like to be infrond of the chart all the time and i get confused on lower time frames… So im planning to move to Daily, 4 hours and 1 hour combination as they looks clean and easy to trade… Any advice?

Yes… Daily and 4 hour charts are more reliable than the 1 hour and lower time frames. Stick with it.

you like big profits? that’s not uncommon. but big profits (in terms of dollars, the only type of profit that matters) mean many pips of movement with a large position. but THAT unfortunately means that each pip that goes AGAINST you means that the large position (which you put on in order to get big profits) is hitting you with a big loss.

do you intend on trading D/4h/1h with a large position (to get those big profits) and NOT watch the charts & markets for most of the day? sounds like you’re setting yourself up to go broke or at least expose yourself to some significant drawdowns.

the longer the timeframe (charts) you look at, the larger the swings (in terms of pips), and consequently the smaller the position size (1k or 10k instead of 100k or 1M) to keep you account alive and out of ‘margin call’ territory.

Not sure what level trader you are, but if you’re sorta new, I say great and good move. The higher time frames will give you more time to decide which direction of the trade you want to be on. You’re right in that things will look cleaner. A lot of the chop that shows up in the shorter time frames won’t be there to confuse you. This is especially true with the indicators that are at times dizzying on 5,10,15 min charts.

My advice would be the higher the time frame you go, the smaller you size your position, this will allow you to increase the size of your stops without spending more or increasing your risk. On daily and higher, reversal days are great to trade, you can pick off a top or a bottom on one of these trades with a very small position, then the following 1-2 days when confirmed you can add to the position. I will try to post a chart eventually on one of these.

Great move. Have no real advise other than see you on the daily

Big profits are to be found on the smaller time frames, NOT the daily time frame. You’re much more likely to score “home run” trades on the smaller TFs simply because the size of your risk, pip-wise, will be small. It’s possible to hit a reward-to-risk of 100:1 on the smaller timeframes, something that’s much harder to achieve on the daily TF.

Not only that, but you will hit your profit targets quicker, and you will see entry signals more frequently than the daily TF.

The daily TF, on the otherhand, provides smoother candles and eliminates the “noise” that you see over the three market sessions (London, NY, Tokyo). I think the daily TF is fine if you’re looking at smaller reward:risk and only want to look at the charts once a day. :slight_smile:

Not so sure about that. I have not hit 100:1 on the daily but have come close a time or 2 and the trades were posted on here in real time. But then I find trade setups on the daily and entries on smaller timeframes so I can see your point.