Macfibo system


Macfibo 15th Version…

Here’s another idea… Smoothed Heiken Ashi act as a 20 MA… 5ema crosses the entire Heiken Ashi bar (no matter which colour)… Add RSI as added filter (not conlcusive) Apply the same pullup fibonacci concept…

Dear Sufian Said, in the basic McFibo system chapter exit u write: close immediately when 58 crosses. The question: immediately means, exit at the closing of the 1H candle where the 58 cross occoured, or imediately means really immediatly?

Hi Bro Sufian, it’s been 2.5 months since your last post…
How’s the progress on the reloaded macfibo going? :59:

Hi, is anyone still using this system ? Please reply and let us know what your thoughts are. Thank you…

Honestly, I havent used Macfibo on intraday level nor as the ultimate entry signal. However, latest data since 2013 to Jan 2016, the win rate is 62% (the basic parameter on Macfibo 2.0)

Well just saw this system today and I don’t know about the signal accuracy but I use the fibo method to tp and sl when I trade divergences. So I can say that fibo is working just fine but dont know about the system.

Hi, been reading through this system and find it very interesting. Is anyone still using it successfully?

Hi Sufian, I’ve been using your system on and off for over a couple years now. It is one of the most interesting systems I’ve learned so far. Sure, it does have its ups and downs, but it’s not a holy grail and I never expected it to be. I really, really love it!.. I would like to reach out to you and see how we can tweak/work on it together, if you’re interested maybe?

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hey there Parry. Yes i have made a lot of tweaks and improvements for this system. Inbox me, we can discuss about the system I use now. (and no, i am not posting it here for now)

Hi Sufian, thank you for reaching out to me, mate! I just can’t figure out how to send a PM since they have updated the website interface. Would you be able to PM me instead and then I’ll reply back to you with my email address. I don’t want to send my email address here in this public forum. Once again, thank you for reaching out to me! I truly appreciate it…

Oh man! I got an email from you last night, and it was a bit too late by the time I opened it, so I just read your message and closed it thinking I’ll respond back in detail tomorrow and I just sat down to send a response today, but it looks like that link to send a response has already expired!! So sorry for being such a pain but could you send me a PM again, please? I’ll reply back to it this time for sure. I still can’t figure out how to send a PM, or maybe I’m not allowed to, I don’t know… Sorry once again!

Still doing it’s thing

Stocks? No problem. It works there too

Most liquid and 2nd or 3rd most manipulated currency pair in the world? sure why not

Commodities like Oil. Works too

Time and Price matters when to trade the Macfibo signals. Not all signals should be taken

Was version 2 ever released? :thinking: