Making operations out of the MetaTrader

Hello again!

If you read my three previous threads:

You will understand, because this thread, that my questions were did with the final purpose of help me with the problem in this thread! So far, I was using the MT4 for make trading, but, I was using the MT4 without understand how it works. I get several ready formulas and was using it, but now, this situation is unsupportable.

(Detail: I’m not stupid in math, I’m using ready formula because I’m not understanding the mechanics of the trading.)

I’m trying make some operations, without the MT4, where is really necessary to understand the step-by-step!

ONE little part of my doubts is how I operate this broker and to use the stop-limit panel.


ANOTHER little part is like the doubt above, but now with respect to this broker bellow.

By the way this broker: What’s “Breakeven”? I never saw this term before in trading!

I noticed that exist a significant difference between these two broker above, the first, the Poloniex, really make exchange of one currency for other, really make trading of buy and sell. The second, the Magnr, however, seems more with the MetaTrader, seems that the operations are of type CFD, I don’t know…

About formulas, in MT4, I was using, for example, this formula bellow for make trading.
lot = [trading capital] x [percent to risk]/100 / [pips between entry and stoploss] / [dollars per pip]

Now, how I’m not understanding more anything, I don’t know how to operate…

Someone can help me, please!?!?