Managed account

Hi there, can anyone tell me how a managed account works? The way I see it, you open an account, allow the broker to trade for you and pay a performance fee. Should metatrader be open on your computer? Anyone here had luck with that? I tried a few expert advisors, tried different strategies trading manually, studied price action trading in depth but it didn’t work out for me unfortunately. I traded live long ago, but the psychology of trading with real money was too much for me and I blew that acc. I really want to be a trader, so as I said, tried all sorts of things but now resort to a managed account.

Sad to hear your story. But be careful on forex managed accounts. A lot of hype and at the end investor walk away with empty handed. But I heard that Hotforex is good on this sort of thing. You can check the results there. I cannot guarantee you on this as I didn’t try PAMM accounts with any broker. Always try with minimum investment if you are desperate to open PAMM account. Good luck

Interesting story, i never knew managed accounts existed. I think if they have a foolproof portfolio then it wouldn’t be to harmful only investing a small amount of cash into an account. I do believe though that if you have £10,000 or more you wish to invest that you go to a high street hedgefund instead, they need to make money to keep clients, unlike many other online funds you mention.