Managed accounts $500 each month - Should I try it?

Hi guys,

I�ve been trading for years now and have just recently tried out managed accounts instead of the regular price watching and losing game. A buddy a mine has had his money with an investment /managed accounts firm now for about 4 years and they grow his account by around 5% each month. I�ve been with them now for about 6 months, but my problem is �Does anyone know of any managed acc firms that payout or grow ur account by more than 5% each month?
Any help would be great thanks guys.


Dont send Pms on or because I’ve been with the dealsjamaica one for 6mths. Thanks and hope u guys can help.

I have had people ask me this many times as well so I am also curious at what others say and or have used/using. :smiley:

Well, I’m not really in a position like I said to recommend anyone…but the six months I’ve been with them has been more than wonderful to me so far, but I only have 10k with them so my account has grown to about 13k…
If I wasa trading then my account would probably be around 8k…lol
Friend a mine lives off them though…lol. the same buddy has like 80k with them so he’s cool. …

P.s guys, please stop pming me about the link to them…I’ve sent it like 2 many times now…its in my orginal message…just look for it guys…lol
Ok…jolly ho

Actually, they aren’t bad at all…Pretty well known throughout the carribbean, plus they’re regulated…The only problem I have with them since I’ve been with them is that the interest paid to you every month sits at around 4.96%.
Sure anything higher would be a ponzi…but you’d think…if these guys are around for years that they would have increased there payouts by now…bastards…well…made $12000 off them last year so…I guess they get an ok…

Does any one know any more non-ponzi structures which have been around for at least 6 years now…just can’t give my money to some guy who decided to start a company 2 months ago…lol

Marlborough…I pmed you but you didn’t respond…COuld you tell me how long you’ve been with them?

Was thinking of depositing some funds with them but they didn’t approve me…
Could you guys tell me what you did to get approved? I hear they’ve only been late with payment to clients once in december of last year for the 6 yrs they’ve been operating…is this true?..,…
Need this info please…anyone have details on how to get approved?

Sorry aksumtra, was away for awhile.

I’ve been with them for about a Year and a half now. Lost thousands in forex so i’ve got an

Pipclickor if they didn’t approve you then tough luck.I guess thats why they’ve been alive this long…or maybe they just suck at what they do so they don’t want anyone to know about them…

5% each month!? That makes nearly 80% a year!?
Is this serious? Does any senior member of this forum confirms all of this?
And what’s a ponzi?

I know. I was thinking the same thing. A buddy a mine in the airforce has been with them for about 2 and a half yrs as well but. I need to talk to them some more.
They seem good but, I’m gonna talk with them and see what they have to say first.

Any one else have money with them?

Sorry Sultra, I got your pms very late, 2 late. But I responded
Wish I could give the feedback needed but I’m a bit new to babypips. I’m an investment guy, not a forex guy.
Heard they just bought careebe resorts so thats what, another 3 years of breathing time for them. That hotel is pretty huge.

I’m gonna put some more money with them soon, have to wait on another investment a mine to mature though, should get 20k to add.hehehe:p

Marlboro I got approved today, but you still haven’t told me why I haven’t heard any complaints about these guys. Surely they must be doing something wrong y no one has anything bad to say about their experience with them. Rep was very speedy with me. I proly will just keep my money with them until December though. Not sure yet.

Got ur pm aks about what to do to get approved. thanks man. replied to u as well.

It must be boring as hell to sit and watch money come to your account each month. Nope not for the intelligent. Count me out.

5% a month safely without doing a thing, it would be unreasonable for a newbie trader to believe he could do better. I for one would certainly put part of my trading budget into that if it were really serious.
But I can’t help noticing that none of the senior members of the forum have given their opinion on these managed accounts, and wiring your money off to an unknown company in the caribbean feels a little like saying bye-bye to it. See what I mean? Customers say they see their account growing 5% every month but is there anyone who has actually put his money in and gotten it back after say 1 or 2 years, with all the interest?

Well Altar, I have to say that I do agree with you in the truest sense.
The truth however is that I’ve never heard anyone complaining about them and the other truth is, u can find complaining about company services just about everywhere. My advice is the same as it is to everyone on this forum.
If you honestly don’t believe its being done then you should just ignore it and trade like your life depended on it. When the time is right, you’ll probably give it a shot. I’ve been trading for about 3 years and I’ve said just about the same thing about every single venture I’ve come across, so I’m telling you what I did, if you don’t like it, then leave it alone. I’ve seen programs provid 30% and 50% and all that but the truth is thats impossible. So once again, if the opportunity is that good, it’ll last long enough for you to take it, so don’t rush brother man. Good things come to those who wait, wait and then cease.

OK. Took awhile but I checked with him and he says the problems he has with these jive turkies is that they take too god dam long to process your application. And then if u get approved you have to fill out more forms.

What do tey think I am some type a TERRORIST?!!! Look at me:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

So anyway, I applied yesterday, I post and let you guys know whats happening as I go along.
Blaze-all-over, it might be but hell. Its ALOT better than losing your salary left right and center, I guess I’ll give it a shot cuz I’m getting a little tired of the forex game. What broker do u use and do uy trade bonds as well blaze?

I agree aks. Stick to forex if your unsure about anything. works for me.:cool:

so have you guys spent years doing Forex, got bored, and then joined the forum in August just to let us know this?..
Some of these messages stink of spam, and I’m still hoping some of the senior members of the forum will give their opinion about these managed accounts.

I don’t think I could agree
It does seem a bit too good to be true doesn’t it? :smiley: :smiley:

Right Marlborough. Here’s the thing, I’m also new to babypips but its like once I see someone talk about a service, you have someone else declaring its falseness. Its like I have no idea who to trust anymore. We have brought ourselves to this very horrid place, where before checking to see if whatever we see could be true, we immediately say something like…Oh that can’t possible be true, or oh, I don’t want to believe thats real, but we’ve got to use our heads here people. If I ran any company, why would I return 5% to customers when there are people who promise 1.5% daily. 5% is nothing to appeal to people. Think about that guys, and another thing is, do your checks, talk with other people, don’t be the guy that says “oh, well I just thought that, well I assumed that…um…well…” Check up on people before you make any moves, this is the only move forward. End of Speech. Applause delayed.Bows and leaves angry crowd in the all attackers come forth.hehehe:D :smiley: