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Talking about risk, trading in stock is an area not many people would want to enter as they would want enough assurance that their investment will not only be protected but that they would make a profit out of it in the short-term or the long-term. The website provides some parameters for measuring and controlling risks involved in stock trading.

For the beginner or student, risk may not be such a real factor until he or she actually invests real money in the market. We all know that our money will still be at risk whether it remains in our pocket, in the bank or in the stock market. The potential for making big profit, however, is the come-on that the industry hopes to utilize to encourage more and more people to invest into it.

But risk is just one of the many hurdles one must face in stock trading. Even when one makes an earning from one’s investments, there are some factors to consider, such as capital gains tax, income tax and even stamp tax. How do these taxes affect one’s earnings? And by how much? Are they minimal in amount or substantial that after all has been computed, do you still enjoy a big percentage of earning? Are all these costs, including broker’s fees and one’s pre-buying/educational expenses, really worth the effort of joining this treasure hunt?

The ultimate question then is this: Is there a minimum amount of money one must have in order to be a sensible, no-nonsense player in the stock market? How much? And would a person casually spending loose change while in the process of learning or gaining enough experience merely be wasting time or is he or she getting enough exposure to obtain the necessary expertise to become a big-time player eventually?

We can be sure all these questions will be answered in one of those advertised seminars. But then again, one would have to part with one’s precious money to find out. It seems one will always have to risk one’s time, effort and money to hope to gain something out of it. This is expected, of course. No one would put up a website on stock trading merely for fun. We are not asking for free seminars either, although that might be a good idea to start with. Perhaps, a free virtual tour of the stock market or a peek into the stock market floor (via YouTube?) might be enough of a great service for those unconvinced or sceptical souls among us to take the first step.

In the end, one must trust what the website is talking about and is hoping to provide in terms of service and assistance for beginner stock-traders. It may take a lot of time and effort to do it through an almost plain, not-so-interactive website; but, hopefully, it can be done through a few improvements here and there.