Margin &leverage

Hello highly respected ones ,im new to the show i have not yet been “oficially piped” just because im still finding it difficult to understand how leverage and mrgin works .AM i the one to chose my leverage or is it the Broker to chose it forme?and how dose it affect my trade

First question: When u open an account they usually have forms so chose your leverage, so u should be able to do that. Normally tho I think the default is 200:1 but it probably ranges from broker to broker.

Second Question: I had trouble with leverage as well and what helped me out is I just opened two demos with different leverage. I played around with them both and from that I found out all about it. You could probably just look at the past posts on leverage or go through the leverage part in the school. However, usually the best way to learn something is through experience.

have a good one eh, take it easy.

Please read very carefully the sections on leverage in the Babypips school.:slight_smile: