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Thanks for sharing that…GREED is the most serious enemy of the trader.I know it’s not easy to control it but everything is possible.

Unless there is a “black swan event” (i.e. CHF de-peg), you really need to be able to protect yourself and theoretically shouldn’t ever put on a position before determining whether or not you can “afford it”.

I’m certainly no expert, but this statement doesn’t constitute much of a trading plan.

There is no Plan B, and none is needed, because the stoploss part and the “Stay away Part” are wrapped up in Plan A/

Plan B, Is just Quit,

20 pips, If your stopped, you wait for your next signal.

And stop being Proud of losing, Be humbled by it, but never Proud of it, which Im sure your meaning to say. A loss shouldnt " Put you in place", its a loss that is part of the game, or take it as a bad assumption in your thinking process.

Ive said it many times here, You dont trade to lose, and you shouldnt go in a trade thinking its going to lose.