White:: Fresh Higher high that is not violated by next lower high or
Fresh lower high that is not violating previous high

Yellow:: Fresh Lower low that is not violated by next higher low or
Fresh Higher low that is not violating previous low

Gray:: High or Low that violates previous fresh high or low Which is entry or exit area

I have put on Zig Zag indicator so you guys can see clearly what i am counting as a high or low. it helps until you learn to qualify high and low points

150 Period Smoothed Moving average is to Show the qualified market which is sideways type where average is mostly flat are non directional. again this helps until u get familiar with qualified market conditions

Sell Trade closed out after market open and then Bought Eur And now selling. all qualifications met

TP1 and TP2 Crushed

TP3 Crushed

Thanks Trep! Cant wait to learn from you!

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Sweet mate great going ! Look forward to seeing thr ins and outs of your strategy especially as its PA based

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I trade on EURUSD based on the intraday charts. I mainly use H1 chart to analyze and 15M chart to trigger an entry. As you have mentioned, London Open and New York Open are my favourite to find the prices direction. Thanks for this thread. I look forward to getting some trading updates and learning from you.

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Trades from last week until now. Almost every intraday swing point was caught with this strategy :fire:

This right here is GBPUSD where I had seen same exact set up. TPs crushed once again

GBPUSD London TP crushed. And now NY open entry right now

NEW VIDEO BREAKDOWN OF THIS STRATEGY!! Check it out let me know what yall think?!

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Zivergent EA in action!!

EU June 22 LONG!

Zivergent Closed Short Trade and Long Position entered off the london session low

Dollar showing signs of Weakness… if confirmed as such this should translate to E/U strong Buys. and Xau/Usd as well as all the major crosses. My bias is BULLISH for July