Matt's Free Trading System

First, I like to introduce myself. I’m Matt and I will be posting my trading system. I hope you guys can enjoy it and learn something from it.

I call this strategy “Keltner Channel & Two Falling Knives”

Basically, I look for a down trend. And in that down trend I look for price to breaks below the outer band. Once I have spotted the break below, I look for two large red candle, and then i short.

Sorry, I can’t post pictures yet until I get at least 5 post. :confused:

Update: I set my Keltner Channel to 20 period.

Update: I aim for 20-50 pips movements before cashing out. Ok, i need 2 more post to add a picture.

Simple strategy set up:

  1. Look for a down trend
  2. Look for short candles below Keltner Lower Band
  3. Look for 2 long short candles
  4. Enter short position

Exit target: When price enters back into Keltner Channel.

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do you have success with this system? for how long are you trading it?

Good Morning everyone,

I forgot to mention that i have been trading this way for about a year. I have tried many methods and strategies and many of them work. I have learned one thing and sometime it isn’t about the strategy but about discipline. If a system work, one must always follow it accurately and never be too greedy. It doesn’t matter if the profit is 10 pips or 500 pips. Always move your stop to break even and let profit run and lock in profit whenever you can. Here is more screenshot on the USD/JPY. This strategy is in 5 minute time frame. And it is used for quick scalping as short at 10 minute or can be as long 4 hours or so. It all depends as long as price stays outside of the Keltner Channel.

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Remember to always draw a line. Connect high with lower high to make a down trend.

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A couple of quick points of clarification. Can this be used on any Time Frame? With a 20 to 50 pip target, seems like the 15M and 1H charts are most appropriate. Can this be used for trading long if the rules are reversed? If not, why not?

This works for most time frame.

However, i use the 30 min - hourly chart to spot for trend and 5 minute chart to make entry for quick scalping.

What is the trending system you guys are using ? Any kind soul can update me ?

Thanks in advance.


this is a Keltner Channel trading system

Thank. Is the system reliable ?

It’s a matter of opinion. The system works for me. One thing i learned is that any system can fail if not follow properly. So it takes patience, understanding, and having a good eye. Feel free to test the system. But whatever you do, never use real money when testing a system. That would just be a big mistake.