Maybe Helpful?

I’m not for sure how this data is collected and everything but it might help someone. There is the commitments of Traders that have to recored something and anyways, I learned it from this course. I’m not trying to promote this site but this is where I get the chart/info from


say you were trading USD/EUR. Scroll down to Euro FX and there are are rectangle box that is green at the top. You would click on the box that is located at the top left and count down three. What you would be looking for is comm. index. These are the big dogs that trade the EUR. Its the orange line. If you look at week 21 is a alright example. when you see the line at the 0 mark that means the people that has alot of money are SELLING the EUR.l The orange line is the people who own 80% of the market. So you would think they know which way the market should be heading. But the more divergence between the orange and the blue line is better. here is another example of it.

hope this might help someone. maybe someone can understand what I was trying to explain.