Mentfx YouTube channel and mentorship

He doesn’t even do signals you spoon. You’re just a loser that didn’t become profitable so you blame others for your own fault.

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please can you share? I really don’t want to lose my 100$

please can i get a copy of it. I’m skeptical rn don’t know whats true or not
can I see the course for myself to confirm…somebody help me

Lol if you are scared to lose 100$ and dont want to invest 100$ in yourself and future. You never gonna be a profitable trader.


hi, could you pls send me the content to see if it worth? thx

Hi, i’m curious about the paid discord channel. in what way can i have access to it?

If he is copying people like ICT then just go straight to source and get it from his channel instead. Why get regurgitated content?

You have to pay $100 then you will get access to his Discord, I was there.

I joined the mentfx mentorship for a month after watching all his YT videos. In all the YT videos he mentions his special confirmations - double MBs, fractalised double MBs etc, so I essentially joined the mentorship to find out what they were and put them into practice.

In the discord there is a course which is very comprehensive but only for the things you can find out anywhere - market structure, supply/demand zones and Wyckoff. When I tried to find the double MBs etc there was no dedicated video for them, they were just discussed in bits and pieces in the live webinars he recorded, so you had to sit through a lot of stuff and try and pick out the nuggets amongst all the other stuff. (He may have subsequently done a video dedicated to them, but when I was a member there wasn’t one)

I was a little disappointed with the double MBs. They are actually something that anyone who understands market structure will almost certainly have noticed before but never given a name to. But there are plenty of people who swear by them so maybe it’s just me.

Overall I didn’t see the value in sticking around longer than one month but I’m grateful for the few things that I did learn. The guy does have a bit of a messiah complex though which I found a bit cringe at times

I was in ments group for 9 months. Honestly, the content is great, but the kid sucks. He’s the son of CEO Jere Calmes. Acts like anyone who questions his methods “hasn’t backtested” and dismisses their questions.

Yeah I noticed that as well. He can get quite condescending when someone asks a question he doesn’t like. I’m sure it’s not intentional and I really don’t want to throw shade at the guy. A lot of people think he’s the mutt’s nuts so maybe it’s just us who have a problem I don’t know

Hey did you get the ment fx course for you to share please

I’m new here, and I have a huge collection of trading materials in my library. I can’t say much about people’s experience with his materials. But I can say this. I have his mentorship course. Though I don’t trade with this style of supply and demand i do study it. I can say that out of all the courses I have this guy can break down what he teaches. I haven’t completed his course yet but I’ve been going back looking at his mentfx blocks and the knowledge he passes on is legit. I’ve seen much worse courses put together. This guys concepts work in my opinion as I’ve watched them unfold. There is no magic system. Psychology and money management are also key. I feel a lot of upset people here are probably lacking in this area.

If anyone has the free course or anything and they dont mind giving it to me I’d really appreciate it.

I want to learn what double MB’s are and all the other confirmations!.

I find his free content on YouTube to be quite comprehensive and laid out well .
Go to his IG and save the posts as references

Hello, could you send me his private discord server?
(Offline copy) if you still have it, thanks

Probably one of the most valuable groups out there. I’ve been a part of several and I was already on my way to becoming a good trader on my own. I joined his group just so I could get a 1on1 session with him and within an hour he had my homework laid out for me. This was a mentoring where I was actually given tangible things to do to become better, while also clearing up a lot of confusion I had with the concepts I use (mainly wyckoff). Comparing to the other coaching sessions I’ve had from other groups, Anton leaves 'em in the dust and actually shows what real value in the forex education space looks like. Haters gonna hate, but $100 a month is considerably underpriced for what he’s offering, and compared to the multiple hundreds or even thousands that some of these phonies out there are charging, you really shouldn’t be questioning the price. If you’re curious, pay for one month and really dig into the content. Fair warning though, everyone in there who is active in the chats and trading rooms are very well versed and knowledgeable. Don’t go asking questions in the chat if you don’t already have a good handle on the information. The real purpose of MentFx is to teach an outlook on the market that is consistent, for you to put your own trading plan together. It’s not like other groups where they have generic trading strategies. Anton really does his best to teach you how to fish.

I never heard of him. If you want, you can give it a try to judge his capabilities on your own. If I talk about my trading experience, I never really felt the need of having a mentor in my life when babypips offers the platform to ask out your queries that get answered by several experienced traders which is far better than asking a query from a single experienced trader.

Absolute ■■■■■■■■ lol, nowhere in his discord is there anything about signals and they advocate clearly against it.

Actually, I never heard of it. How long have you been following it? How did you find you so far?