Mentor wanted nyc

hi newbie, I am a looking to be forex trader and just looking for a mentor that willing to teach this game please get back thx !

Dino, my recommendation is to focus on simplicity (a strategy that is not cluttered and with multiple parameters, but rooted in identifying support and resistance levels to make decisions from). When it comes to selecting currency pairs focus on 3-5 pairs. Begin on larger time frames. Document your trades and review them periodically as you develop and work out the kinks to your strategy. If something does not work then stop doing it and if something seems to work then do more of that. I was never able to record in a trading journal, so what I do is I record all my ideas and trade entry plans and trade exits + review on the charts, then I save the before and after chart on my computer to review on the weekend. Above all, maintain a positive attitude, this a challenging endeavor, but one that is most intellectually rewarding.

Starting with a mentor is a great idea. I hope you find a mentor that you’re compatible with. Cheers.

Thx for advice I would feel better with a mentor by my side ! Happy holidays

Hi dino72 we are glad that you joined this forum.Lets share our knowledge with another.