Mentorship program

Any recommendations regarding trading mentorship programs? (If any are good?)

Honestly I’ve paid for 4 courses, also got some for free and in the end they were all good and bad in their own way. It’s hard to say who you will like and who you won’t. Trading is like a business in that you’re probably going to spend a lot of time and money(on courses and blown accounts) before you actually turn a profit.

If you want a solid foundation, nick Shawn is very basic break and retest and he has a free course that’s exactly like his paid course but shortened to 2 hours. Also swaggy C, mamba FX, falcon fx, AFX and rockzFX, NOT Rockstarfx he is a scam! All on YouTube and litterally give out how they trade for free.

Most of them sell courses but you don’t need to buy them. The courses are just more structured than YT because if you go to their channels there really isn’t an “order” per se, like you won’t find a step by step on YT(youtube)


thanks a mill

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Frankly speaking, I am not sure about any mentorship program that I can recommend. I have not even heard people taking them. I think you better learn yourself.

Have you checked out the school here? I suggest you start out with that if you haven’t done that yet. Then maybe you can decide after if you still need to supplement what you’ve learned with a mentorship program.