MetaTrader 4 - editor

I have an indicator that was made by someone else. Upon a buy or a sell signal, it will send me an email. How can I make it give me an audio alert, as well as the email?

The cowabunga one

yes, it signals an ma cross. it is inly an indicator, it is not an EA. If you can assist, i will post more info if needed. thanks

What you want to do is just right click on the indicator in the navigator windows and choose to Modify it. Then search for the SendMail(“xxxx”); line and add the Alert line right below it. You can then click on the Compile button and if you get no errors you should be good to go. Close & reopen MT4 and wait for it to trigger to test it out. The command looks like this:

Alert("MyAlert has triggerd ");

Hobbit you can attach them if you zip them up. I attached many indicators with no problem. The just don’t want a file type that they are unaware of but .zip is ok.