Metatrader 4 for new mac i0s catalina update

im trying to start demo trading on my broker, i have a macbook and i have the new catalina 0s update and i cant seem to be able to download metatrader. i have went to multiple youtube videos and it seems like in the comments other people are having the same problem. is there a solution or do i need a different computer. plz help

does everybody use something other than a macbook to use metatrader ?

Yeah i think so mate, MT is only out for windows, theres software that can help you run MT on mac, but seems like too much messing about, look up software called “Wine”.

Most brokers offer a web platform that you can use on any device.

I use a Mac with MT4 on a dual boot MacOS Windows10 setup. I think this is the best solution.

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Hi, some brokers offers MT4 for Mac also there is a program called PlayOnMac which may it help you. Regards Greg


For traders using Apple Macbooks which are using the macOS operating system, there is a surprise coming with Apple’s latest update called Catalina, Apple has ceased support for all 32bit applications. MT4 is running natively in 32bit and there is no 64bit version of the trading. This means that the MetaTrader 4 application will no longer be supported by the new macOS update.

Hi! See if this helps