Metatrader 4 question

hi i wonder how i move the fibonacci tool i placed in mt4.

i can only raise the it or shorten it, but i cant move it to Another Place.

is it impossible or what?

Hello Trader4cash

Double click on the Fibo line. You will see a red dotted line connecting bottom to top/ top to bottom.
you can move the fibo from this line either by extending either the top or peak points, or by moving the whole line from any point on the red dotted line (not the peak/bottom)

the thing is, i cant move it sideways.

for example. i have spotted a X A B C D PATTERN.
i draw a fibonacci from B to A and i want to take the same fibonacci to C to D to measure the difference between AB and CD

I understand what you need now. Go to Insert, Fibonacci, and choose Expansion. That will do it.

not expansion. i wanna move the same fibonacci retracement somewhere else. instead of making a new fibonacci retracement

Try this again. If its not working ask your broker. I might not clearly understand what you mean.

I think the 1st reply from Oceanman should do it if I understand what you mean
I u double circle on fibo just move from the bottom to where u want it and repeat at the top.

i know about double clicking so i can move it more higher up or lower down. But what i mean is that, when i have drawn a fibonacci retracement i wanna be able to move it freely where ever i want. not just up and down.

for example:
i have drawn a fibonacci retracement, i wanna then use the exactly the same fibonacci retracement on somewhere else on the graph. so i double click the red line and drag it, but it only extends the line not moving the fibonacci retracement to somewhere else.

i cant move it horizontaly only verticaly.

if i drawn a fibonacci retracement on 24 january chart, then i came back and see 27 january chart and i wanna use the same fibonacci retracement there as i used in 24 january chart. but its not possible because i cant move it to 27 january chart.
i must draw a new fibonacci on 27 january chart.

i hope you understand what i mean

I dont use meta anymore but im trying to think back to when I did. After u double clicked it have u tried to click on diagonal line to pick up and move.
Best bet is prob to contact broker.

I’m not on my computer so I can’t confirm this for certain but it certainly works on the MT4 app on my iPad but the double-clicking is the key. When you double-click the Fibonacci line, you’ll get a small block on the high & the low & you can use these to extend or shorten the sequence (as you know), but slap bang in the middle of that line should be another block & you should be able to use that one to move the entire Fibonacci that you drew without changing the size of it.

wooow thnx alot now it works!

i must double click the line and then hold it from the middle then i can move it freely

Glad to hear u got it figured out.