MetaTrader 4 quqstion

Is there out there somewhere in print real manual or book on how MateTrader 4 works. Not an E-book or a kindle edition, not a PDF, but a real book. And if there is where can I get it? The reason I ask, is I am a bit old fashion when it comes to learning stuff.
I have a screenshotb of the MetaTrader 4 screen and I notice on the outer edge of the graph are a mess of symbols and have no idea what they are for.

Sense I posted this I have discovered much about the subject, Hard cover books are simply unavailable. The various author of the books discussed in the replies have been self published at the Babybooks website, and are only available as an E-book.
Though not willing to concede just yet, I challenge anybody to prove me wrong.

I get that feeling! :smiley: Haha. There’s really just something different about a physical book you can touch, smell, and all that. :nerd_face: Just in case you wanna see other book options :blush:

Looks like it could be a good book if it were a real book.
I have have added an edit to my original post. I apologize
if my response was a bit snooty.