Metatrader charts


I am new here:

I have just downloaded metatrader4.
But i have seen there are only some charts available,
From where i can download charts of other currencies?


goto the file tab then goto new chart at the bottom it says forex with an arrow goto the arrow and you will see a list of all the pairs you can trade.

I have attached a image. Please see it. I don’t have option of other currencies. There are only 6 or 7 pairs.

May be i need .spot files of other currencies…

You got me on the .spot currencys. I have never heard of them. But what I think your problem is, is that is all that your broker offers. Try going to if you like to scalp or goto if you want a micro account. The first thing you need to do when starting out is to find a broker tha you like.

I have account with FXCM. Can i use it? Or i have to signup with fxdd or strategybuildersfx?


By the way, i got it from here:
Simple Problem : I Can`T Get A New Chart Form The Historical Data Center - MQL4 forum

It was so simple. Remaining currencies were hidden!

Thanks for your help.