Metatrader help?

I’m using metatrader, just tried to do a sell on usdcad it tells me trade is disabled. but it lets me do a buy. Why?

Sounds like it may be caused by the new anti-hedging rules. Do you have any other trades open on USD/CAD? If you have a long trade open you cannot enter a short and vice versa.

That sounds correct. Also, it won’t let you setup 2 opposing pending orders at the same time, or if you have one pending order, you can’t open an opposing market order … which is very annoying.

For example you might project a good buy reversal entry point to hit in the future…like with fib projections, and set a pending order knowing it may take awhile to reach. In the meantime, you see some short term short trades to open…but you can’t unless you delete the pending buy order first. :frowning:

ok, that must be it, I did already have a long trade open from an EA, but to me it looked like I should be selling instead of buying so I tried to enter a sell order. Why did they make new rules to eliminate hedging? That don’t make sense.