Metatrader volume

Been reading through Candlestick charting.
It recommends using candles with volume. The only volume indicator that Metatrader has is an up and down volume indicator. Is there anything that just indicates volume alone?
Or is the indicator just saying volume is down from the bar on its left?

btw there is no real volume in the forex world as it is decentralized … imho that volume doesnt really reflect anything…

So, the volume I am seeing is from my broker only?
So why all the articles about price action and volume on forex sites? :confused:

PA maybe… as in how strong the move is etc… volume , i am not so keen on it.

PA is past thoug based on swing high and lows isn’t it?
Volume is one of the main things that tells you how strong the current move is?
For example, a possible reversal candle with high volume at a support line is stronger than one without high volume.

ah… i think maybe our terms are diff :stuck_out_tongue:

PA i meant how the price reacts…

for example… " there are lots of PA at the support level … but none closed below it "

i meant PA in this way…

I call that congestion :slight_smile:

hahaha ok

nice knowing u !

Unfortunately, there is no way of measuring true volume in Forex. However, using the tick count for volume measurement and it is 75-80% as accurate as true volume. Of course, any volume indicator will calculate the volume per bar or the volume average per bar to show who is in control of that bar. The normal volume indicator and volume spread analysis indicators are slightly different.
The difference with the VSA indicators and a normal volume indicator is the measurement of volume per x amount of bars, plus a standard deviation. This allows us to see when buyers or sellers are coming into the market earlier.

You can look the attached chart examples.The left indicators I use for measure the stregth of different currencies with Volume.

The tick volume doesn’t have to be accurate to the pip, just a general park figure