MicraPiP's demo

Don’t know if this is alowed in this section of the forum but because I’m a noob who knows. If it is not allowed I can move it to a more appropriate section.

I would like to use this thread to track the changes in my demo account. Feel free to comment on it!!


Okay, so my account balance started at 9,841.82 (I know it’s not an exact 10,000) and after my first day at actively managing my account here is where I stand…

I’m trading @ 400:1 so 1 lot controls $1,000 and each pip is worth $0.10

[U] $6.92[/U] or 77 pips

I will tally up totals at the end of the week.

It’s getting a little busy in there… and just wait until the kid get’s his password… it will turn into HIS Thread!!

Yea, God knows he doesn’t want his dad in his thread.

He will have to live with the fact that his dad started the thread.

micrapip, I still would like you to post one time a week or month.

You and anyone else are welcome anytime. (don’t listen to the kid)


Well I guess I will have days like this… didn’t gain… didn’t loose either… but right now it looks as though tomorrow will be a better day!!

till then

micrapip, I’m interested in your trades, but could you add the currency pair you trade :smiley:


Well I trade multiple currency pairs some single lots some multiple so the pip total is an average…

Very wise MicraPip,

You know what they say, “Don’t marry the pair”.


Opening Balance : 9841.82

New balance : 9853.84

Today’s Approximate gain : 5.10

Today’s average pips : 57

Over all pips : 120

ROI : not worth counting… Yet;)

Well here it is… my day 4 and the end of my first week

Opening Balance : 9841.82

New balance : 9888.99

Today�s Approximate gain : 35.15

Today�s average pips : 391

Weekly gain:47.17

Overall gain:47.17

Over all pips : 524

ROI : 0.48%

I have gone back and adjusted the average Pips as I miscalculated them earlier…

Have a great weekend.

here you go

Opening Balance : 9841.82

New balance : 9907.14

Today�s Approximate gain : 18.15

Today�s average pips : 201

Weekly gain:18.15

Overall gain:65.22

Over all pips : 725

ROI : 0.66%


hey micrapip, i like how you took the diamond shape to a tornado.
i bet your tear’n up them pips!

Opening Balance : 9841.82

New balance : 9929.95

Today�s Approximate gain : 22.81

Today�s average pips : 253

Weekly gain:40.96

Overall gain:88.13

Over all pips : 979

ROI : 0.90%

I like today!!! but I think I will be increasing my positions… I haven’t even used more than 2% of margin

But now the real goal is to try and turn it into a Cat 5 Hurricaine!!:smiley:

let it storm

let it storm

let it storm


Opening Balance : 9841.82

New balance : 9987.86

Today�s Approximate gain : 57.91

Today�s average pips : 643

Weekly gain:98.87

Overall gain:146.04

Over all pips : 1623

ROI : 1.5%



That avatar is hot.

My daughter is going to love it!

Here is yesterday’s stat’s. I didn’t get a chance to post…

Opening Balance : 9841.82

New balance : 10001.23 woo hoo made it back to 10K:p

Today�s Approximate gain : 13.37*

Today�s average pips : 149

Weekly gain:112.24

Overall gain:159.41

ROI : 1.62%

  • I had ~$60 in premiums hit on Wednesday so it ate a chunk of profit if those premiums didn’t exist I would have posted $76… but I’m still ahead.

I have also removed over all Pips as I have realized that the ROI is a more acurate indication of success.

Hmm… How did I use to say it back in the day? Oh, now I remember.

[I][I]ROCK ON, DUDE![/I][/I]

Opening Balance : 9841.82

New balance : 10,121.87

Today�s Approximate gain : 120.58

Today�s average pips : 1340

Weekly gain:232.82

Overall gain:279.99

ROI : 2.84%

That’s more like it… I will post in the “Post your pips” now

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: