MIG BANK Report. EUR/CHF: Leaves a possible false break lower

HI everyone,

Please find attached the latest technical report from MIG BANK:

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Hello, MIG Bank

I assume that you are an official representative of MIG Bank. If so, you should get yourself set up on the “Broker Aid Station” forum, here on Babypips — Broker Aid Station

I think you need to contact the Forum administrator to set this up.

You are posting on a U.S.-based website, and (as of your recent announcement) U.S. residents are not able to trade with MIG Bank. Any chance that this will change in the near future?

I’m personally involved on a thread devoted to finding and listing offshore brokers who will do business with U.S. residents — 301 Moved Permanently

Until the CFTC’s latest rulings and your recent announcement, MIG Bank was on our list of “good guys”. But, of course, we had to remove you. We would love to have you back.

The CFTC is a blow-hard agency which is totally full of itself. Why don’t you guys just tell the CFTC where to go?

Okay, that’s enough rabble-rousing for now.