Minimum amount to go live

hi guys

any recommendations on minimum amount to go live, i know the bigger the better but still.


well i think it all depend on a system you use because some of the systems require high capital to start with and it also depend what profit would be enough for you to satisfy you in a week or a month.i started with 500$ but added another 400$,700$ and will rise it every time i will have some spear money so i hope one day i reach the balance that i will be able to make enough profit to satisfy myself and as well easy to trade with but i think minimum starting balance should be 5000$ atleast and you can still use mini lots so you should be more then fine.

at least 5k usd with micro lots…

The bigger your account and the smaller the size of your trades…the better. From my experience, what the retail forex ‘industry’ tells you is a recipe for failure. I know from experience. I opened a $5000.00 live account trading 1 standard lot minimum (every trade had 20% of the account on the table…way too much) with no option to trade smaller lots and I had to stop. First day I was up $860.00. Next thing I know, I am down 40% and could not take it any more. Too hard to mentally recover to break even, so I put everything on hold and did some research.

The big hurdle for me was trying to make forex trading worth my time and energy. I know the hype about adding to your account and then trading more lots accordingly and then some day you will be a millionare. Sounds great, but is harder than one thinks. If you are trying to generate income to take the place of a second and/or your primary job, then you need a big account and trade no more than 5% on any one trade. Some even say no more than 1%. If a trade goes against you using 5% by 40 pips then you are only down 2% on your account and with 20% you are down 8% on your account. If the account is $5000.00 that is either $100 or $400. A lot easier to be down only the smaller amount and have the patience for it to come back full circle and net a small profit. If you have a mini or micro account worth $500, then I my opinion, trading for pennies and half dollars is not an income generator. Not worth my time and will take forever to be big enough to generate income.

If you use proper money management on whatever size account you open, then your chances for success are greatly increased. I now have an account that is large enough to generate income. It will take about a year to a year and a half to grow it to the point where I can retire from my current career and live off of income from trading forex.

so there is no hope for $1000 account :frowning:

i started with 500$ but all depend on system you use and you can always deposit some more money later on as i did.

i still in search of such system. but at the moment no leads, i would be greatful for some

you can try my own system which is posted in “post your daily loss/profit” on page 16 and if you like i can help you out with it bcoz i did few upgrades and it works pretty well even with small capital but you have to demo it first for 3-4 weeks at least.

oh that will be super and many thanks

no problem at all and i believe you will like it bcoz it�s very simply to use and if you have any questions just post it in that thread.some of the babypips members already testing my system for several weeks and they doing very well and almost no losing trades and only you can lose is your demo account but i�m pretty sure that you won�t bcoz i tested with 250$,500$,1000$,3000$,10.000$ and even 50.000$ accounts and i could profit in all of have a good one