Minus moves faster than profit

Hi, everyone. i’m very newborn in these world of forex trading. can somebody eplain why minus sign p/l move very fast and positif moves very-very slow? thanks in advance

Psychological? Have you actually timed them?

But I did read somewhere that prices go down (short)
faster than they go up (long).

So if this is the case if you were going short then prices should
go quicker, therefore +ve pips faster than -ve.

Also there is a delay in +ve pips because of the spread,
which should be factored into the equation.

I have never noticed anything like this. It must be something that this person is just imagining.

Prices go up and down equally. What if you changed currency pair x/y to y/x?

Now the chart is inverted. What now? Up is now down and down is up.

The whole idea is ridiculous.

The pace is the same, whether up or down. What makes the difference is the spread you have to pay which means you start in a negative territory.

It must be added though that you dont have to start in a negative position. You can enter using an entry limit or entry stop (it depends) and dont start

I used to think like like that gut now i have come to understand that they both move in the same direction.you see, when you are gaining,you tend to be so eager to make it fly,but when you are on the -ve you will think it flies.

do a full hedge and you’ll see they move the same way at the same speed :slight_smile:

thanks guys for ur reply, what i meant was the -ve losses growing too fast but when its turn +ve its very slow. e.g win 3pips or more is slower but when loss its moves very fast. this made me :confused:. advance thanks.

Well are you talking about the same trade?

If so the pips should be the same whether up or down. Have you calculated the spread you have to overcome when going long? Maybe that is why you are seeing a different +ve rather than -ve

Hmmm. Correct me if i am wrong.

He just means in simple language its very easy to lose money then to gain.
our loses are quick and gains are harder.

if that is the case you should read on babypips school lessons. One of the lessons explains its easy to reach from 100 $ to 60$ ! but Very hard to reach from 60 to 100 $. Just a example.


Looking at all the above posts I would like to sum up :

Upon entry you are several pips negative - reason - spread, eg 4 pips.

If it, say, goes negative another 2 pips (6 pips total) then it really does look as if “minus moves faster than profit”

Now, if you are operating with a large leverage, then this “minus” really looks scary. :eek::eek:

To get profit, you have to first overcome the spread (4 pips). This may take some time.
Thus it [B]appears [/B]that “minus moves faster than profit”

Once you have passed the spread though, the pips travel at the same speed both ways.

Cheerrss. u r 100% right. its hard to reach higher, but what i did was, when i trade i had to monitor the chart try to trade the right pairs, what i can collect just -$15 win and close position. with these way of strategies i collect lees than 50 last night. that better than nothing.
now i understand a bit when to jump trading:) thanks guy for ur advice n really appreciated. HAPPY ED MUBARRAK TO ALL MUSLIM IN THIS FORUM

You seems to be new to forex. If that is the case i suggest you to stick to only very few pairs. Possible only one. It will give you better idea how support and resistance work. You will be able to plot in your mind better. Once you are comfortable then you can move to other pairs.
try understand what does diff resistance and supports play role in.
What does news doo. How it impacts.

I feel these would give you better understanding better chance in long run. Otherwise it would be just a gamble.

Even i am new to forex. Only few months to forex. After Babpips school i am concentration more on other market study.

I know you didnt ask for all this. But i just felt like sharing :slight_smile:

Happy Eid to all Muslim Frnds.