MomentumFlux Currency Index

Hi guys/Girls!

I would like to give away free copies of my MomentumFlux Indicator.

This indicator was only available to my own forum/website members at the start of the year. But since I have closed my forum, I’ am going to place it here for you to download and use.

There is many versions of this indicator on the web.

This indicator mesures cross currency strength for the USD-GBP-EUR-JPY-AUD-NZD

It will measure each currency against all the other ones and give it a strength score. So that you can see which currency is strong and which is weak.

All you have to do then is match these 2 currencys together and trade that pair.

For example lets say that the highst scoring currency on the 30 minute chart is the GBP with a score of 8.0, and the weakest currency on the 30 minute chart is the JPY and has a score of 2.0, you will know straightaway that you should be trading the GBP/JPY long on the 30 minute charts.

This indicaor gives the strength for each currency cross on every time frame from the 1 minute chart all the way to the month chart.

You will need to install it into your MT4 indicators folder and leave MT4 running for a few hours so that the indicator can collect price data.


Momentum Flux(2).zip (70.1 KB)