Money is a Team Sport! Help with optimizing a semi-automatic system

I was examining further the website features of my broker ICMarkets, that I haven’t done so since I joined them 4.5 years ago, and spotted this interesting chart pattern scanner tool provided by Autochartist:

Very informative video tutorial on how to use this tool Introduction to Emerging Patterns - YouTube … They have more tutorials as their most recent videos inside their channel!

Also provided are the alerts performance statistics in extreme detail and large sample sizes:

I am all about stacking the odds to increase my EV+ and Leading Indicators over Lagging Indicators

Ukraine’s been messing up with my trades

I’m adding an Asset Manager Change CSM because the overall positions do not react fast enough.

USD been stuck at the top for many months however I never get to trade it when it gets mid term or short term weak so Im leaving money on the table (not necessarily but I’d like ti capture its short-mid term movements since I have a positve edge there)

Bro please I don’t understand the Icon here please can u shade More knowledge more on it… Thanks u sir

that’s tradingster for the USD. Tradingster posts the COT reports in a nice format.

YOOO up 5.8% so far 1% RPT

Scratch Dennis’ currency strength because it is a lagging indicator.

We are all about leading indicators.

I have added both Outlook and cTrader sentiment for added confirmation as well ALVEXO broker’s signals CSM extraction using the +1 Long -1 Short system.

I wont be using COT first 3 columns because it takes forever for them to react.

However, I have added the COT Asset Manager position change CRM using the +1 Long -1 Short system.

Here is how I calculate the strength of Asset Manager Change:

I use this formula:

Alvexo has banned me for being a Cypriot resident so I cant use their signals anymore.

Time to calculate the Asset Manager Change of positions strength from the COT. The formula is (LONGS / (LONGS - (LONGS CHANGE))) / (SHORTS / (SHORTS - (SHORTS CHANGE)))


I’m very happy to announce that I have just found more prestigious forex signals; on INGOT borkers by Acuity.

I decided to focus on finding signals offered by brokers as you can see from TC through ICMarkets and Alvexo from previous posts.

It makes sense to get signals from them since they just have to know which signals are of descent quality in order to satisfy their business model needs, which is obviously customer retention which implies more trading which means more client trading fees into their pockets.

So I started going through a list of brokers on google and noticed that Trading Central TC and AutoChartist would appear in many brokers. Then, I immediately googled ‘TC and AutoChartist alternatives’ and which brokers have been integrated with these alternatives.

This translates to better edge in the trading system this thread is dedicated to therefore considerably higher Positive Expected Value :sunglasses:

More to come later on…

This guys asked me to create a strategy so feel free to monitor my strategy automatically through copy trading https://ct.icmarketsDOTcom/copy/strategy/43746

I went through the rules on the forum and I believe im not breaking any so if i am it is not my intention and feel free to remove it. Besides Im openly sharing all the elements of my strategy so nobody can blame me that im sneakily trying to extract money out of people. I charge money for the strategy in order to pay for its automation and also pay to build a platform where all of us can network. As you can see I have been a member of BP for almost 4 years, so if i wanted to scam anyone id had done that years ago. Im a respected active member on this forum and only provide sources that I believe are beneficial. It’s in my best interest to help you because you will help me back forever through the reciprocation bias.

My little me me me is afraid of the banhammer :stuck_out_tongue:

I risk 1% per trade

In this account, I only trade Autochartist’s confirmed trades through their Favourites and Messages & Alerts tabs.

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Might be throwing in the baby above as well and I’ll explain why.

Action Forex is where one of the most successful traders on Forex Factory called Davit who runs the super successful thread Pivot Trading, asks his followers on the thread’s first post, to get their weekly Fibonacci pivot calculations from. Which gives this source a decent amount of credibility instantly.