Month over, just a little insight into mine

Well that month was ended well, here’s how mine went for anyone interested:
117 trades taken
70 wins
47 losers
1875.98 net pips
Target 100% Actual 74.16%
ROI 21.7% after 11 months trading
Good month commodities came in for me, Asian market up and down and then sideways.
This month my goal to cut down on losers, stick to my plan more rigidly.
Hope this helps others to reaiise that you can trade and profit.

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Maybe instead of cutting down on your losers (I suppose you mean the total number of losers) why not focus on increasing the number of winners and increasing the average size of your wins?

Fair point, but I run a fairly tight S/L, my goal is get in and hopefully get out, running my trades for no longer than a couple of days, so my I’m only looking for 1:1. if it moves quicker I may take some profit and run it to 1:2 with a trailing stop in place.

I don’t see the contradiction between what I suggested and what you do.

I just keeping track of my on a Excel spreedsheet. So far this week have grown my account 3% with 0 losses. I trade the Weekly/Day Chart Trend

On the H1 and H4 Chart so trades usually mostly go my way and if not the draw down is not much bounces back my way.

The Proven Profit Strategy
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“The Proven Profit Strategy” is that your’s or are using someone else’s programme, I had 2 hangover losses on oil from June to July, however 5 trades came in for me this morning after the Asian market closed, just placed a sell on GBP/NZD and buy on the UK100 on the 4hr, both with trend.
Let’s see where they go.

The Proven Profit Strategy” is 100% my Strategy. I only came up with it after setting up demo’s , forgetting about them and later finding them again and seeing how huge they grew.

I can say their are certain rules you have to follow. I dare say you if followed you can leave your computer and know your account is Safe.

I traded Index’s earlier this Year. I will Never Ever Touch them Again including Gold and Silver and Exotics. Too Risky and will Blow Your Account. I went to making $2000 grand a day trading Index’s, Oil and Metal’s to Blowing my Account
$650 (left) It’s back up with this Strategy playing it safe now and Enjoying the Process whole lot Better. :slight_smile:

You Have to learn on your own though.

GBPNZD I hope you do OK . That one is Trending Long on H1,H4, and Day. H1 and H4 are Long but both are at end of of huge reversal. On the MACD H1 is showing a Reversal back to Long , not yet on on H4 Chart

On my Strategy Week is short and the Day is Just changes Direction to Long. Therefore going opposite directions.

My strategy is only take trades going in same direction Weekly/Day Chart
and try to catch the H1 at the 14/7 MA once you do that enough times at .01 then you can increase lot size.
If you can catch 20 pips a day for example at .01 then increase lot size.

That’s what my Mentor suggested to me a long time ago.

The Proven Profit Strategy
Babypips Trading Forum

Thanks for the insight, interesting, I’m a swing trader, use a system that sends me a signal, then it’s my judgement whether to pull the trigger.
In my case it has around a 60/70% success rate.
I work around a 50 pip profit or minimum target price.
My average trades work out around 5 a day.
As write this GBP/NZD is around 24 pips in my favour, UK100 about 20 pips against me.
Good luck mate, sounds like your doing alright.

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