More newbie questions

I have enjoyed the small amount of time I have spent at
This site is a great place for new traders.
Everyone associated with it should be commended.
I would like to get some response to the availability of systems that may or may not be able to correlate the movement of a number of currency pairs and then output projections based upon any data accumulated.
If any one knows of such a system I would be interested in reading about it.

Thanks in advance for any response.

just read my “post your daily loss/profit” thread in newbie island where you see my daily progress and next weekend ill maybe post my system if theres anyone wholl be interested in it and post any of your questions there or even your daily loss/profit so we can see how youre doing and may help each other.good luck

after 4 days of trading this week i have ended up with

+1760.91$ profit (424 pips) niiiiiiice:D

Hi Certicex,
I started with 50,000USD leverage at 100:1 and now my
balance approx. 33,000USD (It loss 17,000) from Apr 14, 2007.
I’m try to learn from live trading and found myself for any mistake.
I learned to trade varies suititation of currency pairs hearing from
economic/business news. So, I think it will help me more confident
when i decide to real money trade.

i use from last week 50000$ too but 400:1 leverage which i have to use with my system.i trade with 0.5 lot per pip and you can see the results.when i was teaching friend of mine my system he made from 3000$ account 4000$ profit in 3 days using 1 lot per pip and 400:1 lev. and that was in his first days of learning my system.

if you need a help read my thread “post your daily loss/profit” and place there any of your questions if you like.