Most important zone and Timeframe(s) for a scalper

FirstlyAm grateful to the service offered🙏thx. I would like to know more about possible zones and the Timeframe(s) where price must retrace to regardless of the trend strength. I scalp the market.

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Hi :grinning: how long do you trade? Regards Greg

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even scalping look at the day through to 5 minutes i very rarely bother with 2-3 mins but its a matter of choice

I’ve spent one year now.

I mentioned about scalping strategy here and I will write this again. Scalping strategies are the most profitable strategies BUT they are very sensitive to market changes, backtesting requires very high-quality tick data which are expensive and a VPS server with good hardware configuration. honestly ask yourself if you are prepared for it technically, emotionally, financially and most importantly, whether you have knowledge and experience in this field.
Regards Greg

If its that profitable where are you on here promoting your products/theories

@greenscorpio do I told somebody I use scalping strategies? selling scalping strategies? where do you see a problem?