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Good day Pip grinders,

I am currently re-reading the school of pipsology, now my idea was to do this and post my questions on the newbie island forum. So here me first question: Im living in Holland, but the most info on the school of pipsology is not explained from our time frame, so my question is is there some sort of chart or sheet specific to the (amsterdam) time frame to look at the best time to trade a currency pair, and if it is existing also a chart where the times of releases of new information is stated on? And by that I mean releases on economic news?

Heey what part of holland are you from?:). Do you mean sessions? Because if thats what you mean, i can tell you we are in the sweetspot of the world. We are awake during all the most volatile sessions. And as for youre second question, are you talking about a economic calender perhaps?
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If you’re referring to trading sessions, it’d best to find an economic clock that shows which sessions open at what time (based on your local time, that is), rather than an economic callendar. Considering where you are probably the best time to trade would be during the London and the NY sessions, because the market is more volatile during those periods and they are during the day, so you’d be wide awake while trading.

Thanks for sharing such post. It’s really appreciated.

best time to trade is when youre winning

i know this doesnt help you at all now but sooner or later it will :smiley:

You are in the [B]CET time zone[/B] (Central European Time), which is GMT+1. That means that a given time in London [U]plus 1 hour[/U] = your time, and a given time in New York [U]plus 6 hours[/U] = your time.

• The most heavily-traded portion of the 24-hour trading day is the London / New York Overlap Period — that is, the portion of the day when the London market and the New York market are both open. All currency pairs are actively traded during this overlap period.

[B]The London / New York Overlap is:[/B]

8am - 12pm New York time (GMT-5)

1pm - 5pm London time (GMT)

[B]2pm - 6pm your time (GMT+1)[/B]

• The second most actively-traded time period is the London morning session.
[B]The London morning session[/B] is 8am - 12pm London time, which is [B]9am - 1pm your time.[/B]

• The Asian Session (also called the Tokyo Session) is a good time to trade yen-pairs.
[B]The Asian Session is 1am - 10am your time.[/B]

As for a calendar of economic report releases in your time zone, go to Forex Calendar @ Forex Factory

That calendar should automatically synchronize with the time-clock on your computer. You can double-check the synchronization by scrolling down to the [B]Options[/B] block in the left margin, and clicking on [B]Synchronize Time[/B]. A window will open telling you the time (in your local time zone) to which the calendar is synchonized.

Note the item labeled [B]DST[/B] (which means daylight saving time — what you call [I]Summer Time[/I]).
This should be set to DST Off.

And note the item labeled [B]Time Format[/B]: here you can choose to see times shown in am-pm format (example 7:30pm), or in 24-hour format (example 19:30). Set it to suit yourself.

Check this web-page for more information — User Guide @ Forex Factory


I think best time to trade is when market is on to move and you can make huge money and winning.

That’s the gist of it, yes. The question is when is the market on the move? That depends on the trading sessions, I think.

asian sessions for scalping otherwise london/ny

If you want for more volatility European and US sessions are great for that; if you are a scalper and want calmer markets, the Asian session should be your time.

Why exactly Asian sessions for scalping?

I am ever use ea scalping which only work on asian session market, indeed usually on this session often has slow motion movement, but maybe if we choose on jpy, sometime this currency has high demand or suppply and move stroingest than others on asia session.

Gosh how many times I’ve asked myself this question. All good responses you have here, but for me I think the best attitude is to say anytime is a good time. If market conditions are set in your favour and you know how to trade, I’m not entirely sure that matters, just as long as the session suits your lifestyle.

It depends on your trading style. As my trading style is swing trading on daily time frame so I only check for setups on new daily candle start. That is the time for me to be profitable.

Use daily timeframe might not suitable for scalping, because I see many trader scalping they will use small timefarme like as five mnute timeframe, and only take profit small pips, but might scalping will use bigger lot size and not all trader like with this strategy

I am from Tilburg, and no im not talking about a economic calendar i was wondering of there is like a chart with avarages or something that shows on what time the most news comes out for every specific session, or is this completely random in sessions?

Just go and google forex trading sessions and you will find the answer on your question.

Well the news for a specific currency comes out during their respective sessions, example ECB puts out their news during the london session, News for Japanese yen during Asian session etc. obviously.

I dont think there is an exact time for news to come out, But for example Mario draghi tends to speak around 2.00 pm for us here in Holland.
I really wouldnt know about exact times, but if you look at the economic calender the time when the news hits is listed right next to it.

happy trading