MT4 app problem

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with MT4, ive received my email from my broker with all my log in details however when I go to log in via the app what im looking for (my server details) are not there? has anyone else encountered this problem?

What do I need to do to rectify this? im using IC Markets

No i cant say i’ve had this issue with MT4, hope you get it sorted out

you need to put some screenshots

You need to login first by using username & password; did you try before?

Found the problem…MT4 has an issue with Android as it works perfectly fine with Apple devices.

There is an error with MT4 & Android all resolved now I just used an apple device and worked perfectly fine

All resolved thankyou, issue with android & MT4 as soon as I use an apple device it was fine

I had same issue when try to login to mobile platform some time ago. I was trying to login my Forexchief account. The chat agent gave me the server name to use. The mistake was from me, since I was using their live server on a demo account. It can’t work like that. Make sure you are login to the proper server.

I was using correct details it seems to be an ongoing issue with MT4 & Android devices for some reason.

Not sure, what kind of problem it is! But if you are okay with apple device, let’s go for it.

Never experienced it with android before, i must have gotten lucky!

Me neither, I have never experienced any issues with the mobile version. I am using Apple device.
Try from the settings to hold on the logo so the servers could be updated and then try again.

If you are using Apple then its not the problem as previously stated it was an android issue

@leemaggs1 did you broker confirm the issue? Their technical support should be aware of this. When such cases happen, always contact the support first as they can advise you what is going on.

did you sort the issue out in the end mate?

I get the exact same issue, not matter what, for months. Other users posting the same thing on Play store.