MT4 Hotkey for sell/buy stop?

I’m trying to find a hotkey for sell and buy stops for MT4/IBFX demo. The only hotkey I can find for ordering is F9 for new order, which you still have to scroll down to select order type?

Is there somewhere to assign hotkeys?

If not is there some sort of script addon I can do to get hotkeys for these? If so where do I get it and where do I put it?

Im not so sure but it might be the scripts in the navigation window…

Download Autohotkey and you can set up any macro, no matter how simple or how convoluted, in any Windows program you want.

Links and instructions please, or links to links and instructions?. I’m new to MT4. So, that is all greek to me.

Ah this is a great idea and would be very helpful to my trading as well. Any help would be appreciated.