MT4 - pending orders


I have a problem posting a pending order

say : current price 1.3335 , if price get up to 1.3340 then buy with SL 1.3330, TP:1.3350.

I receive a error that say : invalid SL or TP. ?! Anyone can advice please ?

On the other hand , "open price you set must differ from market price by at least 2 pips. "
Why ?

This will not let to the trader any much space , right? :slight_smile:

So what should it be a BUY STOP or a BUY LIMIT for this case ?


Something like this was posted already, buy limit is where you place it below the price, buy stop is where you place it above the price. Now in the case of pending orders you want to have leaway in where you set the price, so you want the price to be pretty far away. Instant execution should be if you want to get the price at those two pips. If you still don’t get, ask again!

clear now ,thanks