MT4 scrolling charts back in time

I just can’t figure out how to get GBP/JPY to go back past 2007, I would like to go back to at least 5years, and maybe even more. I changed the maximum bars allowed in the chart, but still cant go back any further.

Which time frame are you scrolling in?
If it’s for instance 5 or 15 min, I doubt it’s at all possible to scroll back that far.

You can try downloading data in the History center in MT4 and see if that helps.

No its for the 4hour chart, how do I download data into the history center, and where is this history center lol?

I see the history center, but how do I get the data?

Ok nevermind I clicked download but says no new data for GBP/JPY

I just tested and got all the way back to 1999. Are you sure you marked the 4h and clicked download? That’s what I did and then I just waited until done.