Music to trade with

The fast tempo of the music drives me to act faster. I created something like schedule and template for build strategies, so I do it automatically.

I downloaded a series of files from a Netherlands based reseller called Hotmart and the products I bought were called:
Alpha Neuro-programming
Scared Genetics: Regenerate and activate your spiritual DNA
Vibrational Recalibration Protcol for Healing and recovering…
The Quantum Heart Frequency Method

It is taking me as long to catalogue the tracks as it does to listen to them. LOL. Below is a list of just the Alpha Neuro-programming files.

Module Files Description
Alpha Neuro-programming Welcome Download the guide in pdf
Alpha Neuro-programming First Steps Instructions_.pdf(3).pdf
Alpha Neuro-programming Instructions_.pdf(3).pdf Instructions Alpha Neuroprogramming
What is the correct way to listen to the frequencies?
Pineal gland decalcification frequencies
How you can take advantage of the bonuses
Harmonic Chakra: The Vibrant Path to activate the energy flow of the 7 charkras
Theta brain waves of Astral Projection
Gateway Meditations and Gateway Frequencies
What can I do after finishing the process?
Alpha Neuro-programming Meditation Gateway #1 33:12
Alpha Neuro-programming Meditation Gateway #2 35:09
Alpha Neuro-programming Meditation Gateway #3 01:00:07
Alpha Neuro-programming Meditation Gateway #4 42:11 Interview narrative with experimental subject
Alpha Neuro-programming Meditation Gateway #5 33:52
Alpha Neuro-programming Meditation Gateway #6 40:14
Alpha Neuro-programming Meditation Gateway #7 57:30
Alpha Neuro-programming Meditation Gateway #8 43:00
Alpha Neuro-programming Meditation Gateway #9 45:00
Alpha Neuro-programming Meditation Gateway #10 42:27
Alpha Neuro-programming Meditation Gateway #11 1:01:59
Alpha Neuro-programming Meditation Gateway #12 10:30
Alpha Neuro-programming Meditation Gateway #13 30:04
Alpha Neuro-programming Decalcifying your pineal gland: accelerate your neurobiological evolution 0
Alpha Neuro-programming Instructions of the Pineal Gland
Pineal Gland Decalcification Frequencies
You can listen to the audio tracks at two points during the day: in the morning between 5 and 6am, and in the evening just before going to bed
Follow the modules in order. If you decide to listen to them at night, start with the pineal gland activation audios and them with the CIA frequencies. You can repeat the process for 33 days
The frequencies of the CIA the pineal gland decalcification, and the Gateway meditations should not go unlistened for a maximum period of 48 hours or the resultss may diminish or the process may not be effective
Alpha Neuro-programming Audio 1 Decalcifying your pineal gland 10:09
Alpha Neuro-programming Audio 2 Decalcifying your pineal gland 10:09
Alpha Neuro-programming Audio 3 Decalcifying your pineal gland 10:09
Alpha Neuro-programming Audio 4 Decalcifying your pineal gland 10:09
Alpha Neuro-programming Audio 5 Decalcifying your pineal gland 10:09
Alpha Neuro-programming Project Gateway Frequencies 0
Alpha Neuro-programming gateway_meditations_guide_2_.pdf.pdf Gateway Meditations and Gateway Frequencies
These frequencies you see here are the most important. Within these frequencies, you’ll find two types. One type includes guided meditations, and the other contains only the frequencies created by the CIA through Hemi-Sync. The way you should listen to them is as follows:
The Gateway meditations are teh most powerful of all. The idea is for you to engage in one of these meditations at least once per week. You can do this at the end of the week after you have listened to the other frequencies.
As your brain will be trained you will be more receptive to them. I recommend listening to one at least once per week because these frequencies are extensive in duration and most people do not hae the time to listen to them. Ideally, you should develop a schedule with your daily agenda to plan when you should listen to these audios.
Alpha Neuro-programming Project Gateway #1 16:10
Alpha Neuro-programming Project Gateway #2 18:51
Alpha Neuro-programming Project Gateway #3 31:48
Alpha Neuro-programming Project Gateway #4 20:08
Alpha Neuro-programming Project Gateway #5 25:19
Alpha Neuro-programming Project Gateway #6 28:35
Alpha Neuro-programming Project Gateway #7 50:52
Alpha Neuro-programming Harmonic Chakras CHAKRA.pdf(1).pdf How can you take advantage of the bonuses?
Harmonic chakra: The Vibrant Path to activate the energy flow of the 7 chakras
These frequencies are a complement that will help you nourish your process. It is not necessary that you follow a strict order or that you must listen to them uninterruptedly as is the case with the pineal gland decalcification audios, which should not stop listening for more than 48 hours or the process could be affected.
These frequencies, I recommend you listen to them in the established order, however you are free to repeat them or change their order according to your own needs. Finally, listen to these frequencies at least 3 times a week in order to guarantee its benefits
Alpha Neuro-programming Unlease your first power centre 15:32
Alpha Neuro-programming Unlease your second power centre 16:22
Alpha Neuro-programming Unlease your third power centre 9:09
Alpha Neuro-programming Unlease your fourth power centre 20:50
Alpha Neuro-programming Unlease your fifth power centre 19:44
Alpha Neuro-programming Unlease your six power centre 15:19
Alpha Neuro-programming Unlease your seventh power centre 15:19
Alpha Neuro-programming

Hmm, I like the way you calculate things. It gives the vibe of “I’m the master of my work”.

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I am a silent trader so I don’t listen to music while trading. But I love to listen to “white noise” coz it helps me focus.

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Can you please name some of them? I want to know what kind of French song you listen to during trade :star_struck:

Wow! It is indeed a long list of music. So, they suppose to literally change things? I mean Alpha neuro-programming? Really?!

hmm, interesting, I like listening to music occasionally during trading but white noise makes me anxious.

corado iubito - solenzara - mon amour

As an electronic engineer who graduated in 1978 I have always had an interest in analogue sound. Binaural beat frequencies are not something new. Try getting a friend to hum in a dog’s ear whilst you hum in its other ear. Vary the humming frequency very slightly until you can hear the binaural beats. A lot of dogs go crazy when you do this - either happy or not happy. I think that depends on whether the beat is one of the natural frequencies of the brain’s alpha, beta, gamma or delta waves associated with distinct brain activity patterns. And when you read How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body - David Hamilton PhD, about repairing the telomeres at the ends of the DNA strands (also noted in Lifespan - Dr David Sinclair), you start to see strong evidence this is no hocus pocus. It is for real.


I just like the way you find the opportunity to spread knowledge and your experience :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

either I’m so tired that I don’t understand or what you said is over my head.

Hi Oli,

This may help. Binaural Beats | Psychology Today

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I change tunes often, This is what I listen to when I’m looking for a trade setup at the moment.

When I hit my take profit or close the week in profit, this is a good song to jam out to

That’s the Way (I Like It)

Not my music to trade type, but as a music I like it mate :bomb:

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I like it man, it’s so cool!!!

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Oh thank you @Mondeoman
Let me check it and see what will I learn :nerd_face:

Was it a worthwhile purchase? I was just about to buy it…thank you


I need to be honest with you here. They are really effective when I listen to them, so effective they send me to sleep almost instantly. I am both excited but also concerned. Like anything else really useful, you need to follow the guidance. This is not a solution in itself. It is part of a wider effort I am making to live a balanced and increasingly consciousness awareness life. So this goes hand in hand with other practices I am trying to adhere to that require a lot of getting used to.

I am not sure I can even explain this on a Forex forum, or indeed if this is the right place to do so. Suffice it to say I am very happy I now have access to them and they do relax me very well. But as per the written instructions within the application set their full usefulness should be repetitive practice and stick to the right sequence of those that require a sequenced exposure. I am happy to listen randomly, but I really want to get more into a regular pattern of morning and evening meditation sessions that will eventually use sound as one element of a more complex pursuit. A bit like Forex planning in a way. Getting into the zone, watching the setup materialise, being confident of the entry, the trade management, and the exit plan. Simple on paper - a real challenge to do in practice, over and over again, with the same repetitive outcome. That is the key.

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Queen - under pressure )

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