Musical PIP - How Harmonic Patters can make me (and you) to sing

and… another one:
FOREX Harmonic Trading

thanks :slight_smile:

I want to say that the 4h timeframe works better than other smaller timeframes with harmonic patterns. You have more time to analyze, to prepare the trade and also have larger potential profit.

Ive got a noob’s question guys :
How often do you recognise those patterns ?
I guess you’ll all answer it depends :slight_smile: but I would just like to have an idea.

Very frequent. On 4 hours i found 2 patterns daily. On 15 minutes there are a lot more. This is almost everyday and on every pair.

Hi medisoft. Do you mind sharing the website where you found the stats on? I am very interested in finding out more about that. Thanks in advance.

No problem, it is Harmonic Patterns | Gartley, Bat, Crab & more Patterns + Fibonacci Ratios for Forex Traders

Ah cool. Thank you so much.