My broker is not responding

This doesn’t sound good and I hope you get your money back.

But for the sake of other traders there are some interesting points to note when trying to verify a firm is legitimate.

Check the UK FCA register - APO Finance is not a broker authorised to trade in the UK, a tightly regulated market environment with tough penalties for fraud.

APO Finance is registered in the UK as a private limited company, controlled by a Filipino Director plus another company, J&C BUSINESS (UK) CO., LIMITED, another UK registered company with multiple companies under its name. This already does not sound like an ordinary broker.

The website given has a number after the normal web address. This suggests its a cloned site, riding on the good name of the company named but having nothing to do with them. In the same way there could be a website for and a site for, Toyota123 (if there is any such company) having nothing to do with Toyota Motor Corporation of Toyota City, Aichi, Japan.

Plus the firm only accept deposits in USDT. There is no business reason with integrity that demands only the acceptance of USDT.

Plus the firm is based in Mumbai, India. Are you serious about trading?

How can I get my money back any option I’m from mumbai but I live abroad :frowning: please help if there Is any way I can

How can I get my money back can you open the site is it down or working can you please guide I’m in total panics now I don’t know what to don

This is what I can see that my account is disabled due to maintenance and when I click on the 3 dots this is this my acc balance and few more info but the broker account is not active

Their entire site is down - their server inactive - not much info on line.

Best bet is to make contact with authorities in Mumbai or hope that they do have a server issue which may resolve.

best wishes.

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Hello, how did you came to know about it?

Please explain why I should do that.

Because I am also facing this same problem

Bad news is that their site is still down - if you google the site name there is some though very little info - google will give you what was on their index page on their header…
Not much more I can tell you - does not look good.

Bro it’s not down I think it’s a fake broker , I am also facing the same situation

APO Finance Ltd are the supposed owners of the domain name according to whois/godaddy.

That company is uk and is dormant according to companycheck .

That’s about all I could find on google aside from a short message on google search ref the ap index page.

Aw man so sorry to hear this.

Out of curiosity, how did you discover this broker and why did you decide to go with them? :open_mouth:

Hello, has anyone managed to get their money back? If so, in what way

Hello Did you get your money back from apforex?

Nevre heard of them.

This does not look good for you.
Only option I can think is contacting authorities.
You will be requiring few things for things to go little in your favour

Your payment proof. Not sure how it will work with USDT.

Account balance proof. Take a screenshot as well as deposit and withdraw statement if you can.

Your broker physical contact method.

Contact UK as well as Mumbai Authorities and contact fast.

PS: SEBI only allow pairs with INR as base or quote currency. So any India based broker providing other Currencies should be fake.

Sorry for your loss.


My thoughts exactly, they should be fake. This is why it’s vital to trade with a broker that is regulated and licensed by a know agency, and more importantly they should have an office.
So sorry man that you are going through/went through this.

thanks for the hint, I will try to recover at least a little

I think i am with the same broker.
Have you found a solution?
I am unable to withdraw too.