My challenge

Well, since I’ve already made my presentation I will now share with you what I’m currently doing so that you can help me improve (how selfish is this? eheh).

I’ve created a micro account on XM with 500:1 leverage. Since I have nearly zero capital to invest I decided to create the following challenge: Use the 25€ deposit bonus and try to double it in 4 months using the trading system that I developed with the precious help of this website.

The rules are simple, start with 0,05€ trades and increase if week is profitable or decrease if not.
In the first week I’ve grew my account in 11,60%. This week I’ve moved to 0,1€ trades and so far the account grew more 15,07% (26,67%) in total.

I wasn’t expecting to get this results, although I’m not too excited about them because I know that they are “too good to be true”.

But it certainly is tempting to trade with more than the deposit bonus, but a leverage this high is too risky, right?

Best Regards,
José Dias