My DistanceBreakout EA Journal

Though, I started the forward-test of this EA last year, I thought it might be interesting to post it here. This is the one I called the “Beast that is hard to tame”. I have learned a lot from this EA so you too may discover something useful about its tricks. As you can see in the screen grab below, it wiped out the account several times. But in the end, a not-so-obvious unexpected detail makes the EA behave. And it behaves really good. Check out the Balance, Equity, and Profit in the picture.

Disclaimer: I am not recommending this EA of fxfledgling from MQL5 site. This is for learning purposes only. It is a very high risk method. It’s a toy for the big boys only.

Here are the monthly results. At first it was really bad.

Year: 2020

Year: 2021

As you can see, starting in February 2021, it’s slowly becoming consistent.

$1,000+ profit yesterday. Absolute gain reached 95.48% already. But if you will do a straight calculation the profit is already more than 100%.

No trade yesterday. :frowning:

No trade again :slight_smile: .

I forgot that it’s NFP yesterday. A quick trade was done by the EA. It’s a good one. A profit of $3,000+. A pretty good way to end the week :slight_smile: .

No trade on Monday :frowning:

Huge profit of $24,621 in just 1 day of trading :slight_smile: .

No trades after a good trade 2 days ago. :frowning:

No trade last Friday :slight_smile:

$3,000+ profit last week. :slight_smile: