My first live positions ever, today, 24th Dec. 2013, with FXCM

Good for you PipMeHappy!

I remember placing my first live trade is a nerve racking lol… I cant leave my computer, keep staring on that chart and can’t take any breaks or even grab a snack ( I know it’s crazy). Well, my first live account is a lost anyway so I live and learn…

Hopefully, it turns out differently for you and have more success than I did on my first.

Best of luck…

[QUOTE=“PipMeHappy;582607”] Hello Gibs! I see what you are saying, but then what I would do is this: enter a wide enough stop value (pip or price) in the dialogue box, then ok it and go back to the chart to physically drag the little circle on the stop line up/down to your desired level: a box will pop up to check and confirm the changed level. Would this suit you better?[/QUOTE]

Yeah this is what I have been doing to work around the issue, but not an ideal solution. I also notice the platform doesn’t show weekend gaps, regardless of whether the option is enabled in settings. I trade primarily 8 hr charts, (using the NickB method mostly mentioned on this site) so the gap over a weekend would be nice to see. Haha I sound like a complainer but over all happy with the mobile and desktop trading platforms.

fxcm is also listed on the ny stock exchange its why im with them, they are not a fly by night company.

Good hunting!

Thank you, Jason Rogers!

Here are my stats so far:

Opened Live Account in July 2013;
Deposited 600 GBP from Aug. 2013 to Jan. 2014;
Trade period analysed: from closing of first trade to closing of last trade: 27th Dec. - 13th Jan. (= 11 trading days);


Profit percentage of total deposit: 8.9%.

So far, so good!

Great start! When you’re calculating your total profit, are you counting that based on your equity or your balance? My personal preference is to base it on my equity, since that takes into account floating profits and losses.

Thank you, Jason. My account balance is now 658.47 GBP: when I wrote the previous post I had one floating position, but that is now closed. I will try to incorporate what you suggested, although I would try to use my balance where possible (i.e. when I have no floating positions). Regards.

Well, after sixteen trading days, my account is up to 679.41 GBP, that is, it has grown about 13%.

There is no perfect system, just using my demo to help me testing ideas first, checking support/resistance,

keeping my eyes open for news/risk event, using Fibonacci and the 200MVA… Nothing too complicated, but

basically trying to work with trends.

Most of all, what has really worked is good risk management… 1% of my account on each trade (even though

I have occasionally been a little greedier and I have to stop from repeating that mistake).

My greatest fears about going live have been dispelled, so far, leaving me with a real sense that …it can be done


Early days, admittedly, so I will keep everyone posted.

Happy trading.

Great one.

[B]At nineteen days into my live trading, I have earned 93.74 GBP[/B] from an initial 600GBP deposit.

This is going very well, indeed, and the risks taken are well within my account comfort zone.

All thanks to FXCM for a great trading experience and execution, and to the BabyPips school who are

an invaluable tool of learning.

Also, I could not be without thanks for all the people on the forums, who provide a debating point for

my ideas, and who in turn provide their own insight into the Forex markets.

Happy trading.

Good luck Pip Me happy. Way to go

Keep your momentum PipMeHappy… More pips come to your way :slight_smile:

Thank you, Robertrfx and PipNRoll.

How is your trading, PipNRoll? Any new year resolutions/goals?

I think you and I have a very good start so far for this year. I started to play around again with myfxbook to just track my progress. My goal is to get at least 5-10% a month so we will see…

Here follow me when are bored lol I keep most of it in private though… :slight_smile: so if I blow this account out, you’ll know. I just like how it track it for you with graphs and everything… Filipina System | Myfxbook.

Wish both of us luck this year!

That’s a eye catching start to say the least :o

I’m curious though: you mentioned that you usually risk 1% or less of your equity per trade, but what is your effective leverage? :22:

Dear Jason,
I am up to +102.39 at present, although I have some floating positions waiting to pan out (my equity is 664.00 and my balance is 702.39).

As for leverage, I know that FXCM has a fixed 200-to-1 leverage, so I am ordering 1k lots, as 1,000 : 200 = 5 GBP,
with 600(my deposit) : 1% = 6 GBP… In other words, 1% of my account is more or less the amount I need to command the smallest lot (1k) using FXCM’s fixed 200-to-1 leverage.

Did I understand your question right?

PipNRoll, I know I said this before, but

now I know what you are an FX-Women honorary member! You really did earn your cred and your stars!

14% gains! That is pretty impressive! Keep up the good MyFXbook policy, it is transparently honest… I liked

having a good nosey in there… thoroughly enjoyed fumbling through your stats!

Thank you! Well, we will see in about 6 months or so if the consistency keeps up. I am just tired of people just goofing around here with all kinds of unnecessary things. There is always time for everything but you come to appoint where you needed to get serious if this is what a person wants to do…besides, very few that I see who have a good track records and who can actually trade. So, why not I create one…what’s the big deal… As long I don’t call any live trades lol then Zulu trade will be back behind me…

Yep, I too like my stats :slight_smile:

I like your style. You should keep us posted every so often and let us know how it is going.
I agree that it is about profit, in the end, so unless someone can trade successfully, it really
means nothing that they give ‘advice’. I am fully behind you, as anyone else on here.
I know that you are very busy, so thank you for taking time to post on here, it is generous of you.
Thank you and…

Happy trading.

Thanks again for your kind words. I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I think I am settle for 13.09% for this month (took a lose from yesterday) then start fresh again next month. I think when you do take on trades " less is more"… Less trade (s) , you’ve get a better chance of fewer mistakes…

Happy trading to you too… Keep up the good work you have been putting on. Rinse, Repeat and keep what you have…