My first post & Self Introduction

Hiya​:hugs::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I am Oty,from Nigeria,I feel so excited and blessed to wander into this space,I am a total dummy in Forex but I have heard and read good testimonials about babypips,I am determined to learn n make my dear self better by learning and interacting with like minds…

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Welcome to the community, Oty

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Thank you :hugs:

most welcome in this community , have a very good journey.

very good luck for your new trading journey , hope it will awesome , just always remember one thing there is no short cut way of learning , need a long time with great level of patience.

Hi Oty and welcome! You heard right, the education section is a great place to get started learning forex and the forum an excellent further source of information and knowledge.

Hey mate! Have you checked school of pipsology here, if not then do try it, it is one of the easiest sources to learn forex.

Wish you all the best for your journey.

Congratulations on a great start :clap:
Lots of free content here and like minded people to help assist you good luck on your trading journey :+1:

Welcome to the community, Oty. We’re glad to have you here too. We all start somewhere. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Welcome! Reading through babypips is indeed good to get an underestanding of what forex is. I advice to focus on market maker trading after to get a profitable strategy.