My Forex Journey (so far)

So if you decided to click my post, firstly thank you. I just wanted to share my experiences with trading and my journey so far. Hopefully I don’t bore you :joy:, and I hope this can be helpful to any new trader.

So my journey began November of 2018. Around this time I had a well paying job and had a nice piece of spare change. And as most people would agree, I wanted to make money and get out of the 9-5. I stumbled upon stock/forex trading. And just like most of you I was instantly hooked. The videos of accounts that people doubled, tripled, I mean even making $100k in a couple months.

Well I decided to start with stocks because, a lot of people online said forex was a scam. After losing 10k trading stocks I moved away from that. Now by this time I’ve already bought 2 courses. And I was determined so I turned to forex when I saw it’s true potential. So I bought more forex courses.

Well I knew I didn’t want to put money in right away so I bought a forex course(so darn easy forex by Yousef Scott was the first of about 4 courses I bought) and I thought I found the holy grail. I mean, this guy was killing it and his strategy just seemed fool proof. But it wasn’t. I ended up throwing $500 into a broker account and make 2k in one week. COMPLETE LUCK. But of course I though I was going to be a millionaire in no time.

Well guess what? A few bad trades later and bad risk management I blew the Money I earned and the original $500. I wasn’t devastated and I wasn’t about to give up. I went over countless hours of study material. Anywhere and everywhere I could. Couple months later threw $600 in 2 separate accounts and blew that as well. Again no risk management. Just hoping I could flip a small amount with no stop loss just letting my account drain.

At this point I’m a little over a year in. I’m determined to make this work! So I decide to change my life at this point. Stopped smoking weed, started hitting the gym, meditation, Waking up early for London session, and most importantly, I focused on forex to the MAX. Focused on percentages, figured out lot sizes(the correct way. Focused on a strategy and spent thousands of hours back testing, and the biggest impact on my trading was watching hours and hours of psychology videos. Mainly Rande Howell.

So at this point I’m flipping demos. Sticking to 2-3 strategies, figured out what type of trader I am, 5-8% a week return still losing some trades, but journaling everything. I finally move to a real account and I replicated the results. I’m far from a pro but after 2 years I can confidently say I’m a profitable trader.

The journey was tough! The losses were hard! I almost gave up so many times. I see so many new traders having a hard time figuring out this forex game. And I just want to say “stick with it, don’t give up.” I know I’ll probably get some hate comments but it’s ok.

Tips: remove people from your lives that give off negative energy, study, once you find a strategy, implement it! A lot of people jump from strategy to strategy because of a few losses. Trading is like college: the only difference is nobody is there to hand you a Degree, you have to give it to yourself. Trading is very hard but very doable.

Also, no two people trade the same! Sometimes I have trades that don’t align with people that have more experience… who’s wrong? Well the markets will decide that. The market has no bias, it doesn’t care if you want long or short. It’s going to move the direction it wants.

Indicators/no indicators? London session/New York? Strategy? Time frame? Where should I put my stop? There is so much info out there I know it can be hard to grasp it all but absorb everything. Trade what works for you and block the noise from others.

Lastly I just want to Say: don’t treat trading like a hobby. this what you want to do for a living right? Then give it 100% because anything less would, in my experience, could/will result in you not ever getting to that next level.

I left out allot but there is a snippet. Good luck to you all, I believe in all of you. I want nothing but success for all of you and thank you for taking the time to read my story✌🏽.


The best part of your strategy is the fact that you “get up early to trade London.”

I think the biggest secret most forex traders fail to realize is that the market has to be moving in order to make money.

In the past seven years of trading, I have been trying to be a hero and make something out of nothing. And that’s exactly what the Asian and NY sessions are: nothing. They don’t move.

Oh sure, NY will give you some pretty nice reversals, but mostly it’s a dead session. In fact, looking back through my trading records, most of my losses have been during NY and Asia.

So now I get up at midnight ( I live in the US) and trade London. Now, instead of having to scratch and claw my way back to profit from trading NY and Asia, I trade less and make more.

Anyway, all the best on the charts. Let me know how you are doing from time to time (they have a section on the forum that lets you set up a journal. Just an idea).

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Thanks Man, and I’ll definitely start a journal. I doubt anyone cares about what I have to say :joy: but maybe it will inspire some lost souls in this forex game. You’ll definitely see me around :muscle:t4: Enjoy your weekend.

Do it for yourself, nobody else. A public journal is an excellent way of keeping yourself accountable for your trades, as long as you’re honest.

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Also, remember, the primary point of a trade journal is not necessarily sharing with others, it’s to track your trades. What was the time, your entry price, spread, target(s), stop loss, etc. You’ll log results and take notes for lessons learned. Your trade journal is your personal record, to make you a better trader. You’ll examine it retroactively to figure out where to make changes. Good luck!

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Oh I already journal, I just think to do it on babypips, but I might. Definitely something to think about, thanks :pray:t4:

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Good job really happy that you made it… As for me lost some money revaluated everything started from scratch. Right now there is too much information overload hopefully i can get through this

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You got this!! If it were easy everyone would do it. Take what works for you and keep it. If it doesn’t work or make sense to you scrap it. I remember when I tried RSI, MacD, ATR, ichimoku cloud, but none of that worked so I scrapped it. When I found what worked(which took a lot of time) I kept it and tweaked it to my liking. The 5% of traders that are profitable are the ones who pushed through those tough times. The turn around for new traders is averaged at 90 days. That 5% stuck around for years and we are still students of the market, learning every day.

Good luck :+1:t4:


I care :slightly_smiling_face:

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Congrats to u! Idk how I ended up reading this but glad I did. Was dead considering paying a rack for a mentor and then she sd in one of her YT vids she was trained by Yusef “So Darn Easy” Scott. Started researching him and landed here. So it’s safe to say he’s all CAP I presume and I guess her too. What do you think abt mentorship? I’m abt 7mos into forex and still not sure if I am going abt things right? If you don’t mind sharing, What were the main things u changed in your trading strategy that allowed u to go from blowing accounts to profitable?

Well first I want to say yuseff isn’t Cap he’s just expensive. I still use his strategy which is super simple honestly lol. I could explain it to you in a DM . I definitely recommend a mentor. Also it’s 90% psychology. We can talk more privately about it if you’d like.

But to answer your question about becoming profitable, well I made a trading plan, journaled, and spent a lot of time forward testing. I think people don’t learn from losses like they should be. Also I put 100% into forex, cut everyone off, and literally looking at charts all day, even when I was falling asleep.

My questions for you are do you have a strategy? Is it working for you? Do you use indicators? Do you like indicators? Do you journal? What’s your why for trading? Do you get attached to trades? Do you stick to a risk management plan? What’s your goal for trading? Do you want to do this for a living? I mean I had to ask myself a million questions tbh I’m not trying to grill you lol just trading is a lot deeper than a strategy.

Oh okay cool… I am going to DM you, once I figure out how loll

Edit: Umm…so apparently I cannot PM anyone yet, which is beasty… But email me at janeofthronz@gmail

I so agree with leaving negative people out. I believe the kind of energy you surround yourself with can have a huge impact on everything that you do and that includes trading. Block all the unwanted pessimism and find yourself a winning strategy and stick to it.

I love to see how people have been trading. It gives a lot of knowledge and experience. Thanks for sharing your journey.