+++My FX Positions Book+++


I will post my FX positions here.
I always enter my trade with 4 parts.



Shorted audusd @0.9045

moved stop to cost, audusd is vulnerable after sto /1w showed tricky movement to gain new highs.

NZDUSD reversal confirmed, short.

Still holding audusd 0.9045, nzdusd 0.7630
If nzdusd closed below 0.7670 add to your short position.

Banked profits – although reversal continues on NZDUSD… you may continue holding if you wish :slight_smile:

Bought Kiwi @ 0.7660 for a test of 0.7700-0.7800 levels.

Bought EURJPY @ 164.38 for a target 165 now within reach.

Took partial profit on NZDUSD, and allowing another part a tgt of 0.7800.

I also added long positions for AUDJPY, EURJPY, and EURCHF. Although, I am now short USDJPY. I am also long eurgbp.

So in conclusion my orders are:

long nzdusd, audjpy, eurjpy, eurchf, eurgbp
short usdjpy

I have a 55pip trailing stop from here.

(These signals were all generated by Smoothed HA candles in swing trading setup)

All positions closed. Well, I will make a workshop dedicated for this trading method soon. It’s very attractive method for swing trading the market. :slight_smile:

post ur performance prove dude…anyone can lies…

Top Chess, excellent performance on your posts. All your trades I checked with the times and price on your entries.
BTW, you did post your performance.

Interesting thread. I’m trying to figure out a game plan for using multiple positions. Is it advantageous as far as the commissions? I can see where by doing this you can scale out at a profit target and move the rest to break even to attempt to get a better move.

Example 5k account risking 1% or for 30 pip stop on gbp/usd total position size would allow .83 so if I cut it in 1/2 with 2 buys for .40 each (rounded down). Just a thought as I’ve not tried this yet. I was thinking if my stop got hit I would be out the 1%. In theory I think it allows more flexibility but as stated I’ve not done it before.