My holy grail forex strategy system: Monthly target: 50% to 100% growth

Am actually, speaking from experience. I pray that we remain in good health for all the years ahead so that I demonstrate this to you. As I stated, I do not rely on news and indicators alone. I use a mathematical model as well. There are times when I am 100% sure of a trade, so I risk more, there are other moments when I am not, so I risk just 2%.

From next week, my risk will range from 2% to 5% target profit will range from 1% to 7% be profit. I will give you a detailed description of my strategy.

I have been trading Forex since 2015, and I have lost more than $10,000. But since year, the mathematical model was a breakthrough for me.
Moreover, I found a way to use technical analysis n I particular, divergence n minimize losses. By the way, you could call my strategy scalping, only that I make one, two, or three trades per week.

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once you find a system and discipline the rest is easy :facepunch:

Where is the explanation for this strategy?

Did I miss it?

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Just remember Long Term Capital management. They too were maths wizard who thought they were onto a sure thing - and nearly brought down the whole financial system.

Sorry to be a bore but I’ll stick to my daily inside bars thank you very much.

Buy eurnzd

You did not miss it.

YYou will get it today

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This is the strategy:
20 EMA
Stochastic (8,3,3)
(Also add Relative Vigor Index RVI (9))
Time Frames:
** 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour.**
1. Identity a divergence on 30 minute-chart. Note that divergence is a popular concept in technical analysis that describes when the price is moving in the opposite direction of a technical indicator.
There are two types of divergences: Regular divergence Hidden divergence (if you are serious about learning my strategy, you have some homework here. Regular divergences signal a possible trend reversal. It can be bullish or bearish. So read more about this. On the other hand, hidden divergences signal a possible trend continuation. It can be bullish or bearish. So read more on this).

2. Go one-hour chart, ensure that price is above 20ema.
3. Go to 15-hour chart, ensure that price has not exceeded previous one high if it is a bullish trend or previous low is you want to sell.
4. If the above three conditions apply, place your order or wait until price touched the 20EMA before placing your order.


Whoa! Nice strategy. I’ll have to try it!!!

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I think you’ve got a trade on EURUSD

I think we might see a reaction on the EURUSD at around 1.1467 - 1.1476, likely on Monday.

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sorry Matty, I did not watch the market yesterday

No worries. I’m not a scalper but I thought I’d try out your strategy for fun. Set it all up, spotted this one and made a few bucks before markets closed.


Very late signal I bought Audusd and achieved 1% growth.

See the way I identified that divergence.

Signal B Buy usdcnh becaue of the divergence


my bother my sister, see that trade close usdcnh now

see it now,

A strategy that can produce such returns is worth paying attention to.

Hey budd, how bout a certified statement or blotter.

The Always Non Believer VIPER

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