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Good morning,

I am a 36 year old father of 4 (21,16,14 &6 mos). I am a career Active Duty Military member with 15 years of service. I have had a budding interest in the financial markets and investing for long time, but have recently discovered my passion of trading, especially forex, and want to eventually do it full time and retire from the USAF in 5-7 years. I have been doing a lot of research and watching different methodologies on youtube and am leaning toward a paid mentorship, but still weighing the thought. I see value in the SMC/Wycoff strategy and am diving deep.

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Welcome to the most profitable business in this world.

Great mindset for FX trading success. I will give you a link to a top pro trader who spreads his knowledge for no cost on his site. That is gold dust and a must read for every would-be successful trader.

You can also follow (and copy) his live trades on Telegram, which can at times be a hair-raising roller coaster ride. Not for the faint-hearted. Best of luck.

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You can learn forex from the educational section of this site.


I think it is great how you already have the long term mindset. All I can say is pure SMC is all you need. It is what I have studied and it is what makes me profitable. With my students I also notice the better they become, the less ‘‘outside smc concepts’’ they need. In the end it is all about reading pure price action, knowing the order flow and which levels the market will target.

The understanding you get by seriously diving deep into pure smart money concepts, is mind boggling. :muscle: The pure form has many things, the mixtures on Youtube lack.

Ps: I have implemented Wyckoff before with smc For me it just made smc less profitable. I can not say it will be like this for you. ICT his own teachings are the best for me in my experience.

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Nice to meet you! To be honest, it isn’t always necessary to pay for a mentorship and everything you need to know is online for free, so you could save a lot of money there if you choose to teach yourself. Of course, using a mentor isn’t all bad, but be sure to choose one that isn’t a scammer and actually knows what they’re doing. I have 3 kids myself and forex trading is definitely a great avenue for bringing in money and provides flexibility that most jobs don’t. Good luck out there!!

Hi! Welcome to Babypips. You can start with your journey with the free course in the education section. Keep up with the spirits! Good luck.

Hi. Welcome to forex and Babypips. It’s good that you are learning as much as you can about forex. It’s the way to becoming a profitable trader. You can check out Rayner Teo’s youtube channel. He teaches wonderful technical analysis.