My intro to forex trading

2020 was the year that made me realize multiple sources of income key for economic success, wether it comes from a small business or stock trading, everything counts. 2021 will be a year full of changes and personal growth. Looking forward to be a part of the community!

Forex is not an income stream, Never will be, as profits and losses are not regular or predictable. Start with pressing the green education button above and then open a demo account to practice and experiment before even considering trading.

Babypips website is a good source for newbies. Also newbies should make habit to read different trading related books. Books are a great source of information. Especially books related to trading psychology is a must read.

Hello and welcome. Start studying now. You can start with babypips school here in this website. One valuable suggestion is do not make any bad trading habit from the beginning.

Yeah. We all are looking forward to 2021.

Strategy is important in trading. Every trader is different from another. So, making own stray with own preference is good for long run.