My Introduction

Hello Fam,

I’m Kennsonic, a newbie to FX and learn ing fast…Can i be profitable in 6months?

Hello @kennsonic! :smiley: Welcome welcome! :blush: Have you checked out the school of pipsology here? :slight_smile: Super helpful guide for newbies (like us :sweat_smile:). I’m no expert but I would suggest that you go on demo first before diving into a live account. :smile: So, it might take a while before you’re gonna be profitable.

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Hello Kennsonic, welcome to the Babypips forum!

Welcome to babypips kennsonic! I wish someone could tell us at the onset if we’d be profitable haha. That way we’d know for sure if all the effort would be worth it. I think this depends on so many things so it’s going to be different for each one of us. Are you trading demo or live?